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Is everything good with you?

Me? Everything is fine with me. How are you? And welcome to the Seoul Prep! *smiles*

namjihyun-prep started following you.



Annyeong~ *waves*


Anonymous sent: First I'm gonna fuck your mouth, your boobs, your pussy, then your asshole. Then I'm gonna fuck your pussy again with my tongue.

This sounds like fun. ;)

Anonymous sent: With a banana.

Oh? I do like food I guess… Should be interesting…

Anonymous sent: I'm gonna tie you up and make you mine. I'll mark every inch of your body and baby, it's no fun without a little pain right? I'll have you beggin for more as I make you come over and over again. I'm gonna make your pussy remember what I feel like inside you.

… I like the sound of this very much, though I have to say I don’t have that much tolerance for pain so go a little easy on me.

Anonymous sent: OH MY GOD. Where have you been? I've been waiting for you.

I’ve been really busy lately and had no time but have no fear! I am back now. *laughs*